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Welcome to The Herb Room website and online shop! You will find my signature handmade botanical soaps, organic medicinal and culinary herbs, spices, teas and essential oils, available for shipping to you or to pick up at the store if you are local. Check out our new loose leaf teas, packaged in sustainable, ecofriendly rice paper. In the meantime, don’t miss out! Receive all The Herb Room happenings and sign up for our Newsletter.

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About the Proprietress
Robyn T. Clark
BA Botany, Herbalist
Proprietress, The Herb Room
Robyn T. Clark is a botanist, herbalist and the proprietress of The Herb Room, which opened for business in May of 2014. Robyn's love for plants was sparked by her grandparents and the beauty of the outdoors and her natural surroundings at a very early age. She was influenced by her Norwegian grandfather, spending time in his garden where he cultivated organically before the practice was well known and enjoying the bounty from his garden as it made its way onto the dinner table.

Born and raised in Northern California, she attended the California School of Herbal Studies, one of North America's oldest centers for herbal education. She received her Botany degree in 2005 from Sonoma State University. Following graduation, Robyn was hired as a Formulation Chemist and Consultant in the pharmaceutical industry. Specializing in formulation chemistry of topical body products, she formulated cosmeceuticals into creams, lotions, and gels utilizing proteins, peptides, and botanicals for novel drug applications.

Robyn considers herself a "naturalized, non-weedy species" moving to Texas with her family in 2007. Robyn was drawn to Wimberley, settling here and building a home and business. She was unaware of just how connected her native roots were, and soon came to find her family connection to Wimberley, through her Aunt Gaye 'Dickens' Taylor, one of the founding families of Wimberley. In fact, one of the Dickens children is buried on Mt. Sharp Road, just over the hill from where her home now is! Mike Cox shares a humorous story and glimpse into the Dickens historical legacy in his article "Snakebitten Family" at TexasEscapes.com. Aunt Gaye fondly shares her amusement, "I do remember my Aunt Dolly and a couple of the boys. She was quite a character as an adult, and it would be easy to believe her part in the story!"

Robyn has been creating handmade herbal soaps and body products since before the turn of the millennium. The inspiration for much of what she does today started with learning to make soap with her Aunt Mae. She used the basement room, with a root cellar, where she started collecting herbs, hanging to dry from her garden and stored in glass jars. She used these botanicals in her love for cooking for her family, using them as home remedies and making soap, salves, teas and other natural products. It was filled with so many herbs and spices that her family started calling it "the herb room."

The Herb Room today is an organic herbal apothecary and tea shop in Wimberley, Texas and in March 2021 our online shop launched. The retail shop carries a vast array of organic tea served by the cup or by the ounce. The apothecary sells a large selection of organic medicinal and culinary herbs, spices, teas, tinctures, essential oils, incense, books, locally made gifts, jewelry, and accessories. It also carries items that are handmade by Robyn, including her signature crafted-in-house botanical soaps, organic tea blends, and premium hand poured essential oils. She takes pride in sourcing the highest quality herbs and products that are organic, ethically wild harvested, fair trade and using packaging that is recyclable, compostable or biodegradable.

In her daily life, Robyn incorporates botanicals with a holistic approach to a healthy body, mind and spirit. In her practice, she uses this holistic approach to healing that encompasses using herbs as well as other therapeutic methods. You will find her at The Herb Room sharing her love of plants and spreading the good word for all to enjoy!