Shipping & Returns

Shipping Information

Orders are shipped within 3-5 business days, although usually sooner. We ship all of our products through the United States Postal Service and shipped via Priority Mail. The shipping cost of your order will be automatically calculated based on the total weight and dimensions of your purchase. 

Returns Policy

All sales are final.

We carefully pack all glass items, but realize that glass and other products in rigid plastic can, from time to time, be damaged or break during shipping. If this is the case and your items arrive damaged or broken during shipping, you have three days from receiving your package to contact us via the Contact Us form. 

Stock Availability

We try to keep all products in stock. That being said, most of what we do here is made by hand, formulated and crafted in small batches, emphasizing quality over quantity. Due to a heavy demand for a particular product, failed crops, natural disasters or unavailability from farmers, makers, herbalists and other suppliers some items may not be available the day you order. We do not backorder out of stock items. You may reorder out of stock items at a later date. 

Maximum Purchase Quantity

The Herb Room is not a bulk herb supplier and does not offer wholesale sales. Herbs, spices, seasonings, teas and other products are available for purchase in the quantities listed. All products and items have maximum purchase quantities to reflect our vision of sustainable and ethical business practices.

Special Requests

If you have an herb that you are looking for that is not listed or would like to inquire about a quantity beyond which is listed feel free to contact me. As a botanist, herbalist and human being, I believe we all share in the responsibility to protect our planet, respect our plant medicines, and believe in this simple practice of "Waste not, Want Not." The Herb Room supports sustainability and sources the very best from growers, farmers, wild crafters, and folks sharing in this vision.

My thoughts on Organic Farming & Organic Labels

I do not believe in the government's control and red tape regarding Organic certification and organic labeling. A certified organic label, in my opinion, does not reflect quality or purity of an herb if it was not harvested at the correct time, nor can it reflect the site conditions it was grown in. I do believe in and support organic farming practices, and source many herbs from certified organic growers and non certified growers alike. I have found that "certified organic" is not always equal to higher environmental standards over non certified organic growers. The Herb Room does not use USDA organic labels or any other certified organic labels, even if the items I source carry the certification to be labeled "certified organic". I do, however, print my own labels to indicate organic or wildharvested and use these labels for your information.


The Herb Room herbs, spices, seasonings, and teas are sourced from farmers utilizing organic practices and are grown without the use of harmful chemical pesticides as well Fair Trade sourcing whenever appropriate. All wildcrafted herbs have been harvested following the herbalist's creed with respect for the plant community and community from where it is sourced.

Signature Soap

I create The Herb Room soaps using whole plant botanicals, aromatherapeutic essential oils and herbs that naturally color and scent every handmade bar. The Herb Room soaps contain organic plant, nut or seed oils, are vegan, RSBO cultivated and sourced, supporting life habitats, biodiversity, and all the beautiful creatures big and small that we share it with. I use eco-friendly sustainable packaging that is fair trade, biodegradable and artisan crafted from plant-based materials. Every batch of soap is pH tested to ensure a safe, mild, and gentle bar of soap that the whole family can enjoy.