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Hot or Iced Tea
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Premium Tea
Jasmine Pearls
Japanese Matcha
Root Beer Tonic
CLOUD - A float of "moo" or plant based milk
Iced Matcha Cloud
     Vibrant Matcha tea, bamboo whisked with a hint of agave and coconut milk cloud
Chai Cloud - reg/decaf
Goldenmilk Turmeric Chai Cloud *naturally caffeine free
     Herbal chai tea, antioxidant rich turmeric, agave and coconut milk cloud
Add whole leaf Stevia to tea *naturally sweet 25¢
Black Tea
Authentic spicy black tea blend for the chai connoisseur
Cranberry Orange
Fruity orange and tart cranberry enhance this black tea
Darjeeling Estate
Complex floral aroma for a bright anytime traditional tea
Duchess of Earl
Lavender and Earl Grey with a floral citrus twist
Earl Grey
Full bodied black tea with citrusy bergamot oil
English Breakfast
Medium bodied with rich and satisfying flavors
Irish Breakfast
Full bodied, robust tea favored by the Irish
Kumaon Black
Golden tipped leaves create caramel sweetness and cocoa flavors
Lapsang Souchong
Smokey, woody, roasted aroma and flavors
Mango Ceylon
Smooth black tea with tropical mango flavors
Masala Chai
Holy basil compliments this unique spicy chai blend
Oolong Special Se Chung
A smooth medley of roasted green and black teas
Orange Spice
Amber hued assam black tea with citrus and clove
Peachy Keen
Black tea with bright peach flavors, try it iced!
Traditional Black
A traditional Texas favorite, full bodied, fresh and flavorful, great hot or iced!
Vanilla Black
Intoxicating blend of crisp black tea and pure vanilla bliss
White Tea
Peach White
Delicate white tea bursting with flavors of sweet ripened peaches
Tangerine WhiteOUT
Clean luscious tangerine flavors and soft white tea
Green Tea
Blueberry Green Kukicha
A healthy antioxidant rich combination of fruity blueberries and smooth green kukicha
Roasted green tea and brown rice create a warm and nutty flavor
Ginger Orange Peach GreenOUT
Distinctive, forward and fresh green tea
Japanese Matcha
Vibrant, nutrient rich green tea powder, smooth and refreshing
Jasmine Pearls
Divine green tea pearls with aromatic jasmine flowers
An exquisite green tea with a delicate scent of jasmine
Raspberry Green
Sweet, tart raspberries and crisp green tea
Strawberry Green
Fresh, sweet strawberries and crisp green tea
Mighty Maté Tea Family
Nutritious and stimulating with a full bodied green taste
Mint Chocolate Mate
A chocolate mint sensation, lightly caffeinated
Yaupon, Dark Roast
America's only native caffeinated plant, dark, smooth
Yerba Mate
A naturally caffeinated full bodied brew, energizing and rejuvenating
Rooibos Tea*naturally caffeine free
Coconut Rooibos
Rooibos with a delightful, tropical hint of coconut
A floral, fruity, naturally sweet tasting tea
Delicate blend of Honeybush and Rooibos, sweet honey notes
Rooibos Red
A nutritious red infusion, smooth and naturally sweet
Herbal Tea*naturally caffeine free
Promotes relaxation and digestive health
A refreshing and tart tea rich in vitamin C
Lemon Balm
Delicate lemony flavor with calming properties
Nourishing, mineral rich, allergy busting tonic
Refreshing mint tea with an invigorating aroma
An uplifting and bright mint tea
Stevia Leaf
A naturally sweet addition to your tea
Herbal Wellness Tea Blends*naturally caffeine free
Hibiscus Mint
A tart and minty delight
Indian Spice
A flavorful herbal spiced chai tea, decaf
Lemon Ginger Herbal
A therapeutic immune boosting lemon and ginger zing
Relaxing Herbal
A relaxing herbal infusion to calm the senses
Root Beer Tonic
A liver loving tonic tea that tastes like root beer
Turmeric Chai
Herbal chai tea with an antioxidant rich turmeric twist

For a healthy planet The Herb Room supports organic and fair-trade farming practices.
All of The Herb Room Herbs, Spices and Teas are organic and/or fair-trade.

We use 100% compostable cups, lids, straws, and stir sticks.

Tea began as a medicine and grew into a beverage - Okakura Kakuzō